InSight Growth Strategies Process

At InSight Growth Strategies, we are passionate about matching companies with the exclusive chosen talent that will make a positive impact on your business. We know the turnaround on placements can be costly, so in most projects we are dedicated to finding the best-qualified candidates in 60 days or less. Our mission is to maximize the performance of the clients we partner with while improving the lives of the talented individuals we place. To accomplish this, we’ve developed a unique process that delivers positive results for all involved.

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  • Identify your vision, mission & objectives
  • Immerse and study company culture
  • Identify blackout companies
  • Define and profile position requirements
  • Profile unique challenges and goals in the role
  • Develop the Search Criteria Profile
  • Understand and clarify hiring processes
  • Prepare your selling points
  • Schedule weekly status reviews
  • Define a strategy
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  • Explore extensive database resources
  • Discuss with industry sourcing partners
  • Apply comprehensive industry experience
  • Research and profile the competition
  • Compile list of target companies
  • Distill industry contact list to most relevant
  • Network with industry contacts & resources
  • Pre-qualify list of potential candidates
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  • Carefully review performance history
  • Match profiles with complete search criteria
  • Verify commitment to career move
  • Clarify compensation requirements
  • Identify potential roadblocks
  • Develop “short list” of candidates
  • Check references
  • Use technology to cross screen key notes form conversations with candidates
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  • Present candidate profile and with detailed insights
  • Obtain candidate approval
  • Include Candidate Comparison
  • Discuss concerns and answer outstanding questions
  • Schedule interviews
  • Prep candidate(s) & client(s)
  • Debrief candidate(s) & client(s)
  • Schedule follow-up interviews
  • Discuss finalist(s)
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  • Present Comp Analysis
  • Draft Letter of Agreement
  • Reclose Candidate & Client
  • Review elements of offer
  • Present offer
  • Receive signed acceptance
  • Client calls new associate
  • Initiate background investigation and drug testing (Optional)
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Transition Management


  • Prepare candidate for resignation (i.e. resignation letter, communications)
  • Review and mitigate counter offer dynamics
  • Confirm start date after resignation is completed
  • Assist with relocation services (if required)
  • Maintain contact during transition to assist with any issues
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Follow up


  • Assist with on-boarding
  • Handle transitional support
  • Provide feedback to client
  • Maintain relationships with all parties, providing successful transitions and ensuring a smooth process
  • Survey and maintain relationship with candidates

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