Isabel Macaya-Aguero

Isabel is from Chile and is a permanent resident here in the United States where she continues her work as a translator, interpreter and research analyst. She is a graduate of ELADI and Mayor University, Chile, with formal degrees in professional translation, interpretation, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has provided services to Embassies and companies in many sectors, including mining and truck equipment, medical products, food and agriculture, technology, environment, and education for markets in the U.S. Canada, Thailand, India, Peru, Mexico and Chile. A partial listing of clients include Portal Minero, Codelco, Duquesne Mine Supply, ARVA Industries, DFT Valves, J&J Bodies, Spuncast, Algoritmos, Canada Pork, Penn State University, Pepin Manufacturing, CAB Products, LED Lighting Company, Saskatchewan Research Council and Trade Chile. Her client diversity, cultural expertise and research experience are utilized to match the right candidate to the right position within the right company.